Tips For Choosing A Good Driving School

Whether you’re a new driver, need refresher lessons or an overseas license conversion, driving schools can provide a range of lessons to suit your needs.

For new drivers, more than 120 hours of driving experience is required by most states in Australia before you can sit your driving test. You may choose a family member or friend with an Australian unrestricted Class C driver’s license to supervise you, but not everyone can teach the formal, correct methods of safe driving that can help you pass your driving test. It is best to take formal lessons with a qualified, experienced driving instructor with vast knowledge of Australian road rules and driving test courses.

It is important you find an instructor that you can trust and makes you feel safe. The road behind the wheel can be a scary experience for first-timers, and so it helps when your instructor is calm and makes you feel comfortable too. You should not feel intimidated by the driving instructor, and be able to clearly understand their directions.

Most driving instructors are highly experienced to remain calm and patient when instructing new drivers. They will usually have a vehicle with dual controls so that they can take control in an emergency. Check whether they have manual or automatic vehicles, depending on which one you want to sit your test in. Many driving schools have a choice of male or female instructors, so choose someone you feel most comfortable with.

When choosing a Driving Instructor, a good place to start is to ask friends or family members for recommendations, and people who have just sat and passed their test. Online reviews and testimonials are helpful to find a highly qualified and professional instructor with positive feedback.