What Is Rubbish Removal?

Removing rubbish is a common problem that many households face. Whether it is emptying out the junk from the garage, or clearing out the old swing set from the back garden, it all needs to go in a simple and cost effective way.

There are a couple of options with the removal of rubbish: you can either pay for someone to come around and remove the rubbish for you, or have a skip delivered and load it yourself.

Skips are usually the cheapest option, with most rubbish removal companies able to deliver skips of the right size for most jobs. These range from small 2-cubic metre bins for small loads through to massive 30-cubic metre walk-in skips for major cleanouts.

Some things to consider when having rubbish removed it the type of material that is being dumped. Green waste (organic garden waste) is usually the cheapest, while general waste (metal, plastic and paper) is more expensive. It is generally best to dispose of these two types of waste separately, as you will be charged the full rate if even a small amount of general waste is mixed in with a load of green waste.

Rubbish removal is not cheap. You will most likely have to pay tipping fees based on the weight of the load in addition to any skip delivery and rental. Be sure to clarify the total fee with the company you choose, and be sure to ask about any extra costs - keeping a skip for an extra week, for example.

Lastly, there are some types of waste that cannot be disposed of easily: tyres, fridges and freezers, and building waste usually have to be removed separately, at a higher rate.  It may be worth talking to your local council regarding the disposal of printers, photocopiers and other electronic devices (commonly called e-waste), as they may have specific drop-off points that will take these items for free.