Questions To Ask Your Tradesperson

Whether you are building your home from the ground up, adding an extension, or simply doing some small repairs around the house, it is essential that you choose a tradesperson who is professional, reliable, and understands what you want out of them. Read on to see the questions that you should definitely be asking your tradesperson to make sure they’re the right person for the job.

Can I See Your Licence?

You need to make sure that your tradesperson holds a licence valid in the state they are carrying out the work. A proper licence ensures that your tradesperson has the relevant qualifications and experience necessary to do the job, and helps you avoid been taken for a ride by rogue tradespeople. Your tradesperson should be able to tell you their license number, which you can then check with the relevant governing body in your state. For example, the NSW Office of Fair Trading offers a free license check which can be completed quickly either online or over the phone.

Do You Have Any References? Can I See Examples of Your Work?

If you are having a large project done, such as a new home build or full renovation, you’ll want to see examples of the tradesperson’s previous work. Ask for the contact details of previous clients and make a few calls. Were they happy with the work? Was everything completed to schedule? Were there any major issues or problems? Was the final cost significantly different to the initial quote?

How Many Other Jobs Are You Working On Currently?

It is important that the tradesperson you choose is available to fit your schedule, especially if you need to book and plan other contractors and work around them. If your tradesperson has a lot of other work going on at the same time as your job, they may not be able to complete the work within your timeframe. Make sure that your expectations and their expectations for when the work will be done are the same before you commit to hiring them.

What Sort of Insurance Do You Have?

Your tradesperson should have the correct insurance coverage for the type of work they are doing, to protect both themselves and you in case something goes wrong. Just like their license, your tradesperson should be able to provide you with current and valid insurance details. If you’re not sure exactly what you should be looking for you can also check these details with your state’s relevant governing body.

What Will It Cost? What Is The Payment Schedule?

Money, money, money- make sure you get several quotes before committing to a tradesperson. All quotes should be in writing and should include an itemised list of all work to be done, including labour and materials. Remember that the cheapest quote isn’t necessarily the best option. In the long term, it may be more beneficial to pay more up front for better quality work, fittings, and finishes.

You should also check the tradesperson’s requirements for a deposit and final payment. What sort of payment methods do they accept? When is final payment due? What is their policy for payment if work goes over schedule? Make sure to find out all of these things before work starts so you don’t end up with any nasty surprises.

Who Cleans Up?

When all the work is done you should be left with a beautiful new or renovated home- and a whole lot of mess and rubbish to get rid of. You’ll need to check if your tradesperson will clean up the site for you or not. If cost is a concern you may also be able to take responsibility for the cleanup yourself.