How Pink Pages Is Helping Fixed Today Get More Customers

Many tradesmen and other service providers can find it challenging to consistently get enough clients. The amount of work fluctuates up and down, and so does your bank balance! Get proactive with generating leads. That way, you can find yourself with a pipeline of customers who are looking for services like yours.

Pink Pages have helped us here at Fixed Today to increase our customer base and therefore grow our revenue streams. Find out how online business directories can help you to get more customers in your area. Feel free to copy our secrets so that you can emulate our success in your own business!

What Are Business Directories?

The days of customers flicking through a phone book to find a tradesperson or other services are over. Phone books have become almost obsolete with the invention of the internet and online business directories. These directories have filled the gap left by phone books, although you will find some people prefer to find you the old-fashioned way.

A business directory is an online place where businesses can list their details and contact information. When a potential customer needs a type of service, they can head to the business directory to look up who performs this service. Then they can contact you directly from there.

Information you may add includes a phone number, email address, website, photos, and more. Capitalise on being able to use a business directory by creating a succinct, engaging description of your services. This will be what customers view when they are deciding who to choose.

Whether you’re a big business or you’ve just started one, you need to make sure that you are listed in an online directory.

How Can Business Directories Help Generate Leads?

If you want to get more customers, you need to feature in a business directory. Your website alone is not enough! Here at Fixed Today, we get plenty of customers through our website but even more thanks to our business directory listings. Here is why you need to add your business to one today:

  1. Mobile Optimised

Most customers are now searching for services on their mobile phones. If you aren’t online or your website is not mobile optimised, you’re probably missing out on a horde of potential customers. No need to get too tech-savvy, just pop your business information on a business directory. That way, you can easily be found even from a customer’s mobile phone.

  1. Visibility

To get customers, people need to know about your brand. The more places that someone can discover your company, the better! Plus, search engines tend to promote those companies which also feature on business directories. This enables you to come up earlier in search results when potential clients search for a service similar to what you offer.

  1. Backlinks

Another way of rising in the search engine rankings is through backlinks to your website. A backlink is any link to your site on the internet. These links show that other sites recognise your business as a legitimate one. When you add your company to a business directory, you will get a backlink to your site which can help boost your online profile.

  1. Local Enquiries

It can be tough to increase your reach within the local area. By adding your location in a business directory, you can directly target customers who need services in your area. Being part of a local business directory can also boost your search engine optimisation for that specific location. Get more customers who are located close to you.

  1. Credibility

The issue with phone books or leaflet drops featuring just your phone number is that there is no real proof that you are a legitimate business. With all the fake businesses out there, it can be hard for customers to know who to trust. Having an online presence on a business directory establishes credibility for your company. Customers will see the reviews of others to get an idea of the quality of your services. Plus, just having your name on there will show that you are a recognized company.

What is Pink Pages?

Pink Pages is one of the most prolific Australian online business directories. It’s been a trusted directory for over 30 years now. They have countless businesses offering their services through the streamlined platform. These offer everything from hairdressing, to electrical work, to childcare.

The searcher simply enters the service they want and their location into the search engine. Then the site will show which businesses are nearby who can help.

It also features a review system, so once customers have used your services, they can leave you a rating on the website. This is one of the deciding factors that many people use when selecting a new business to go with. The higher the number of stars you can attain, the better. With hundreds of businesses listed, stand out above the crowd by offering quality service to gain excellent reviews.

Along with offering free business listings, you can select from a range of premium services to boost your profile. If you’d like to get to the top of suggestions in your business category you can! Or leverage your Pink Pages account to get involved with Google AdWords.

Among the top 20 most popular searches on Pink Pages are plumbers, electricians, solicitors, painters, and accountants. So, no matter what type of business you run, there is demand out there for your services – if you let people know you’re there. Add your company to Pink Pages today to take advantage of this promotional opportunity.

Fixed Today and Pink Pages

Since we added our business here at Fixed Today to the Pink Pages online business directory, demand for our services has soared! We provide plumbing services to Sydney residents. This includes unblocking drains, fixing broken pipes, gas fitting, and emergency plumbing. No matter what your plumbing issue is, our expert team can get come to your place to resolve it.

On the Pink Pages website, we have added not only our business information but also a description of our services so that clients know what to expect. We’ve even been able to add our payment options, opening hours, and some photos. Plus, potential clients can click on videos to see us in action performing our work.

Having all of this information available to people searching for plumbers has been extremely useful. We find that the amount of information we can add to the directory helps us to get more clients. We have also realised that more people have heard of our brand through seeing it listed, so when they need a plumber, they think of us.

Services We Offer

If you’re interested in how Fixed Today can help with your plumbing issues, get in touch with us now. Fixed Today don’t only focus on residential homes but plumbing for commercial businesses as well. We are Sydney’s leading plumbers with a wide range of services.

Blocked Drains

Have you been noticing an odd noise coming from your drains? Or how about a strange odour? These are two early warning signs that your drain may be getting clogged up. Over time, grease, food, hair, and other gunk slides down the drain without you realising. This can build up until water no longer drains from the sink.

If you are experiencing such an issue, we can come in and unclog the drain in question. You’d be surprised how much residue we regularly clear out of drains. Sometimes it’s even a small toy that a child has managed to lodge down there!

24 Hour Emergency Services

We understand that not all plumbing emergencies occur at a convenient time. That’s why we offer 24 hours emergency plumbing services. We’ll come to your place any time to sort out your gas hot water, overflowing toilet, or blocked drain.

It’s better to call us as soon as you notice that something is wrong, rather than waiting for a reasonable hour. If not fixed in time, some plumbing emergencies can result in burst pipes. This is an incredibly expensive issue to repair so we’d rather get there immediately to solve the issue before it causes damage to your home and pipes.

Roof and Gutter Repairs

It’s often not until it rains that you will realise that your home is suffering from a leaky roof or gutter. Leaves, branches, and debris make their way into the gutters along the roof. This clogs them up and causes them to function inefficiently or even break. If this has happened to you, we can come round and clear it out for you, as well as fixing any leaks.

Or perhaps you have a more serious issue, where a tree has grown too big and damaged your roof. We’re here to help with leaky roof repairs so that you can once again live in a warm and dry home.

To find out more about how the Pink Pages can help you and your business, register online today. Almost instantly, you can start benefitting from being part of this trusted directory just like we have!