Getting The Hairstyle You Want

Make sure you step out of the salon feeling great and satisfied with your experience. Avoid any freak-out moments and agony in waiting for your short hair to grow back. Use these tips to make sure your next visit to the hairdresser is as perfect as your new hairstyle.

• Be clear and precise in what you want.
‘Umm a little trim to cut the split ends please’ can be ambiguous and could mean snipping off much more than you wanted. Be exact and clear in what you want done and the areas you want cut - “I would like 3cms off the back and have my fringe to come just where my eyebrows are.”

If the haircut, style or colour is difficult to describe clearly in words and you have photos of the style you want, take them with you and show your hairdresser.

• Don’t assume your hairdresser remembers everything, even if you’re a regular.
Just as you discuss your medical history with your doctor, you should brief your stylist on your hair. ‘Please do the same as last time’ could result in a style you never wanted. Jog your stylist’s memory by detailing your description or showing a photo of yourself with the style you love.

• Don’t be shy – you can say no.
Your hairdresser could give you perfect suggestions, but they might not always be what you’re after. You and your hairdresser are different so don’t feel bad to say no thank you to what they’ve suggested.  Your daily routine could impact on the style you choose, so make sure you talk to your hairdresser about the style and the maintenance involved.

Don’t think you’re being an annoying client by asking questions and discussing your style in detail - the more details you give, the better results you’ll get!

• Ask about after-care
Ask your hairdresser about products needed to help you style your new hair. This doesn’t mean you need to purchase every product they recommend. Talk to your hairdresser about your styling habits and the way your hair works throughout the day and ask them to recommend products and styling tips.

• Relax and Enjoy!
A good visit to the hairdresser is pampering and refreshing. Enjoy the warm water washes, head massage and feel great about yourself and your new hairstyle.