Why Renovate Your Bathroom?

Businesses listed under Bathroom Renovations typically provide a range of services to modernise and generally improve the quality, presentation, finish and style of an existing bathroom.

Common tasks include the removal and replacement of baths, sinks and toilets, as well as tiling and waterproofing services.  More extensive renovations can include the repositioning of toilets and shower stalls, or even add a new sink, bath, shower or toilet.

Additional work can include moving walls and doors to provide a more spacious bathroom, or perhaps convert a second bathroom into an en-suite. It is well worth discussing your options with a number of different renovation companies, as they may well have ideas that could be implemented at little additional cost.

When considering a company to perform this sort of work for you, be sure to ask them for references; that is, some of their customers who would confirm the quality of their work. If the builder quotes accurately, and can do a quality job with a good result, then their customers should be more than happy to recommend them. Also be sure to check that the builder has current licensing and insurance for himself and any contractors that may be employed on the job.

Renovating a bathroom can be a major investment in your property; however a full renovation can increase the value of your home, often by more than the cost of the renovation itself.